how to select a digital marketing agency?

selecting a digital marketing agency

How to Select a Digital Marketing Agency? As a Business Owner you might be puzzled about selecting a digital marketing agency which is a right fit for you, because the options are plenty. yes there are many digital marketing agencies out there who claim to be experts in digital marketing. but the reality is many …

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1break live review

1break Live Streaming Platform Review 1break is a live streaming platform which can be used to go live at a time on multiple social media platforms like facebook and youtube, You can also go live at once on 4 facebook groups and 4 youtube channels, If you are trying influencer marketing or a Ecommerce company …

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​ Importance of SEO During this Global Pandemic Current scenario in the SEO Industry The global pandemic known as COVID-19 is affecting almost every part of life all over the world. As the global economy reels from the impact of this disease, businesses are shifting strategies, hoarding cash and preparing for the worst. But the …

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Email Marketing for businesses, Exclusive guide.


With the increase in the number of social media platforms, businesses around the world are seeking them out to effectively: 🗣 Communicate with their customers… ❓ Answer their queries… ✅ Provide them value… 🎮 Entertain them with content… 💸 Offer them discounts and coupons… 💼 Pitch their services, etc. Every new social media platform being …

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Swaroop Tutika Paid Ads Expert

Paid ads expert Bangalore

Swaroop Tutika Paid Ads Name: Swaroop Tutika Marketing Niche: Paid ads, Social media marketing, Marketing strategy. Blog url- none Linkedin profile : Swaroop Tutika  ​ About Swaroop  I’m Swaroop working with Hotelogix as a Digital marketing analyst and total 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Major contribution in Digital Marketing – Social Media, Lead Generation, Product …

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Anmol Duggal Email Marketing expert

Email marketing expert jammu

Anmol Duggal   Email Marketing  Name: Anmol Duggal Marketing Niche: Email Marketing, Copy writing & FB Ads Blog url- none Linkedin profile : Anmol Duggal   ​ About Anmol ​I am a Digital Marketer with a 4 year experience in various streams of DM including Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Paid Ads(FB, Google, Bing), Content …

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Karthik’s experience of publishing an Online course on Udemy

After publishing a series on how to make an Endless runner with Unity & Playmaker, the views on my YouTube channel amplified. I got more engagement through comments and likes. I started earning a bit more. After my earnings reached around 28.5$ YouTube announced a change in it’s monetization policy! And BAM!! My YouTube earnings …

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How to create your online Course?

how to create online course

Are you a Coach, Speaker or a Trainer who want to create your online coaching course? In this Online Coaching course guide I will give you all the information you need to create your course in two weeks time. Its is possible to create the course in 2 weeks if you can spend 4-6 hrs …

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