Swaroop Tutika Paid Ads Expert

Swaroop Tutika

Paid Ads

Name: Swaroop Tutika

Marketing Niche: Paid ads, Social media marketing, Marketing strategy.

Blog url- none

Linkedin profile : Swaroop Tutika 

About Swaroop 

I'm Swaroop working with Hotelogix as a Digital marketing analyst and total 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Major contribution in Digital Marketing - Social Media, Lead Generation, Product launching, Google analytics, Paid campaigns, Organic marketing and Influencer Marketing.

Accomplishments / Awards / Rewards

Google ad certification, Hubspot FB certification.

I have recognized as Employee of the months(Feb and March 2020)

Consulting Charges / hr

 I charge $20 per hour.

Why should anyone hire you?

I'm expert in Lead generation from Social media.

What is the advice you want to give to Businesses?

​If you want to post anything in Social media, try to convey your message through 1min videos. It is very effective than image.

Don't go for posts for a day but go for valuable content. 

Services you Offer

Social media lead generation, paid ads, Maintain social media channels.



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