NicheMarketers Showcase

Gowardhan Doddi

Digital Marketing Strategy Consulatation

You can get digital marketing strategy consultation which will give you a understanding about the best mediums to go, right positioning, what type of content you can create and also will help with setting the right expectations with your clients on what goals can be achieved in how much time

Gowardhan Doddi

Email Marketing / Lead Nurturing Consultation

Most of the Businesses are doing email marketing the wrong way, Email marketing can be used to convert leads into sales, email marketing can be used as a very good re-marketing medium, email marketing can be used to increase the lifetime value, especially for businesses who have repeat customers / service businesses. 

Bairapaga John

Video Marketing Consultation

Bairapaga John is an expert with Youtube Marketing, you can approach him for youtube marketing and he specialises in Vernacular youtube marketing as well. 

He is successful in building in vernacular youtube channel in telugu which helps people from Andhra pradesh and Telangana learn digital marketing in telugu.

Abhay Chauhan

Abhay Chauhan

Facebook Ad Copies

Abhay chauhan can write copies for your facebook ads which will convert, he is not just into copy, he has a thorough understanding of how facebook ads work, you can get him to write copies for your facebook ads.

Abhay Chauhan

Abhay Chauhan

Facebook Ads Consulting

Abhay chauhan can help you with fixing the issues related to facebook ads, you can consult him for issues like adcopy reviews. Pixel type of issues can be fixed . Business Manager setup can be reviewed. General campaign strategies can be discussed.

Roshan Samuel Ambler

SEO Consulting

Are you struggling with SEO?Do you have an in-house SEO team that needs some experienced professionals to reach your goals?

With over 8+ years of experience in SEO – in product & marketing roles, agency/consulting, and in-house/startup environments.

I have a proven track record of dramatically growing organic SERP rankings, traffic, and conversions for brands focusing on eCommerce, Health, B2B, Travel and Tourism, Real Estate services, and more.

There’s more to an effective SEO strategy than updating title tags, meta descriptions, and random link building. There’s a LOT more.

“SEO is not dead. Since the beginning of my career in 2012, every year, I have seen at least one blog saying that SEO doesn’t work anymore. However, I didn’t SEO going anywhere since all these years. And I don’t see it going anywhere now. SEO strategies do keep changing with time, but they will never go out of business.” 

I can help you with creating a strategic SEO roadmap for your business.