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Having a right portfolio is like winning the project by 50%,
One of the successful DM Agency I know tweaks his portfolio every time he sends it to a new prospect

Let us assume you get 10 leads a week, how many of them convert into your customers?

5 ?



or less than 3, there is a serious problem most of the freelancers and even Agency Owners are struggling to understand regarding conversions.

Inbound leads and referral leads convert well, but other leads will not convert easily if you don’t have a solid portfolio.

Because a solid portfolio will create a good first impression and when your prospect joins a meeting with you he is already 50% sold because of the good portfolio you have.

Good portfolio doesn’t mean having 100’s of clients, it is possible to create a good portfolio even if you have worked with less than 5 Clients.

I am conducting a workshop on

” How to create your portfolio”

following will be covered in the workshop

**Workshop outline**


  • 9 Point Self Discovery Questionnaire.
  • Identifying your strength areas in digital marketing.
  • Gathering the Data required.
  • Converting Data into Presentable nuggets.
  • Articulating your Wins
  • Collecting Social Proofs / Converting existing data for Social Proofs
  • Positioning
  • Presenting the Portfolio

pre-requisites to participate

– Having done at least 2 projects as a freelancer / DM Agency Owner

– Willing to put up the work required

– Have an action bias and a growth mindset towards life and career


Rs. 699 per head for the first cohort.

The first cohort is going to be just 15 people, with a lot of personal face-time and doubts sessions. It will change from the next cohort. The next cohort will be priced at least 30% more and will have at least double the number of attendees for it to make financial sense for me.



Gowardhan Doddi Founder - NicheMarketers

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