Do you know why people from IIT’s or IIM’s do awesome stuff even in the starting of their careers while most of us struggle to get clarity even in our 40’s (some of you might be exception) 

It is because they guys are surrounded by like minded and smart guys, when two intelligent guys come together possibilities increase manifold.

When I passed out of my Engineering from a private college in 2004 with a second class degree, I don’t know what to do, But I know one thing for sure, ” I need to be connected to that world of professionals” 

I asked my Friend If I can get a small job through his brother, I landed up a job which paid me 2500₹/month and being in that job I got introdcued to one more friend Vikram who introduced me to the world oF NDT, which coud give me a break and enter companies like Tata and Jindal and could manage to go to 25 lakhs/ annum.

Power of being connected and being in the right places and networking is very important, or else as a second class graduate I would have been nowhere close to what I could do.

30,000 / year – 1.5 lakhs / month 

is it anywhere close? NO

In 2011 I have got introduced to the world of blogging and I could see a lot of possibilities and everyday felt awesome with new things to learn and explore. What I realized is the huge impact we can create through this medium and I took this very seriously that I gave up my successful Mechanical engineering career in 2019 and took up digital marketing as a fulltime career. 

After me coming to hyderabad things changed started networking and attending offline meets, but I felt a need for a community which is marketer centric and the idea of NicheMarkters was born and all the Growth partners fuelled the growth of NicheMarketers, If I look back I feel amazed at the kind of things we could achieve through NicheMarketers.

  • 4 Hours long marathon live sessions, Tarun Kumar, Karan Parwani, Shibaram Mishra, Ranjan Jena, Pranav Jha, Akahtma Devi and Zain Siddiqui, I know you guys can recall those sessions.
  • Super-10 which enabled Marketer – Marketer collaborations
  • Hashtagmag, India’s only Digital Marekting magazine 


But i still believe much more can be achieved with 1000+ Serious Marketers in the group and idea of NicheMarketers club came in because i believe this is the right platform which can make this happen for all the Marketers, 

  • On demand content
  • Practical learning experiences from peers
  • Inbound Leads
  • Mentorship 
  • Workshops 
  • Collaborations
I know that Marketers know their stuff, for example a facebook marketer knows how to run facebook ads, but he needs support on aspects like
  • How to justify his service charges to clients
  • How to increase client retention
  • How to have steady flow of leads
  • How to report the results to the client
  • How to get PAYMENT on time from clients?
Not just these, I have talked to more than 50 people including freelancers, Agency Owners, Business Owners about the challenges they face on a day to day basis, and I could come up with a program which will address everything and that is 


I want to welcome you to the NicheMarketers club, A club of possibilities, Opportunities, Life lessons and learning experiences.

If you have trust in me answer these 5questions about your expectations about the club, We will match your answers with the program we have at the club and we will send you a Honesty Match score.

For example, if your expectations are very well matching we will give a honesty match score of 9 /10 or 10/10 and if your expectations our program is not matching properly you will receive a honesty match score of 3/10 or 2/10 so that you can still decide if you want to give it a try or not.

check the Honesty match score