Kishan Gopal

Affiliate Marketer 

Name: Kishan Gopal

Marketing Niche: Affiliate Marketing, Content writing and training.

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Kishan Gopal

I am Kishan Gopal, 39-year old freelancer. I am a graduate. I have been working for an Affiliate network in the USA for more than 10 years. Recently I started my own Affiliate Marketing training sessions and content writing through my blog I did an internship with Digital Deepak. I am a part of Gaurav Guru’s and I am about to start my International freelancing as well. I ran a few blogs in the past in the Telugu language. Right now I am Blogging through To explore Digital Marketing concepts is my blog’s aim.

Accomplishments / Awards / Rewards

I did an Internship with Digital Deepak. I am a certified Customer Value Optimisation, Content writing, Paid Advertising mastery, and Copywriting specialist from

Consulting Charges / hr

 I charge $20 per hour.

Why should anyone hire you?

I follow SOPs in delivering projects.   I am interested in creating my own content based on thorough research.

I always update myself with the latest trends and tools in Digital Marketing

What is the advice you want to give to Businesses?

All Digital marketing people, Learn and implement Affiliate Marketing strategies. It is the best way to lead to passive income with minimum effort.

What are the Services you Offer?

content writing and copywriting

Digital marketing concepts training, especially Customer value optimisation and Affiliate marketing strategies.



Content Marketing Specialist


Customer Value Optimization Specialist


Customer Acquisition Specialist

customer acquisition specialist