After publishing a series on how to make an Endless runner with Unity & Playmaker, the views on my YouTube channel amplified. I got more engagement through comments and likes. I started earning a bit more.

After my earnings reached around 28.5$ YouTube announced a change in it’s monetization policy! And BAM!! My YouTube earnings were stuck. One day Rizwan Ashraf, BraveWarrior Games ( huge thanks to him ) suggested I should publish a course on a platform so that both discoverability and earning needs are met.

And then I did a little research on what platforms are the best and then I found Udemy. Course Creation: First off, I looked through the eligibility criteria and took the instructor verification process of Udemy after which I started working on the actual course.

I created the game I wanted to teach through the course, broke it down into segments and drafted a script for how I would go about to teach the basics of Playmaker and make a game out of it. It took me around two weeks to produce the video content and another week to edit the video and audio (I was using a BM-800 for recording the commentary) for the course.

Marketing: Now the course is all published, I started getting my first enrollments and reviews which I was super happy with! But then since this game is targeted towards a specific group of game developers who do not prefer programming, I had to find out ways to extend my hand apart from Udemy’s promotion. I created a discount coupon and posted it out on my YouTube channel with the course trailer, Playmaker (Hutong Games) forum and social media. There was a month where my course received more enrollments through my marketing than Udemy’s promotion.

As of now, I am about to reach 100 students on my course. I have drafted a script for my second course which I want to increase both quality and duration so that it will have more retention and engagement for the students enrolled.


Q. Do we have to be on camera to publish a course on udemy?

A. no a camera is not required and you don’t need to record yourself on camera.

Q. What Microphone did you use?

A. I used a bm-800 microphone with phantom power

Q. Are there any Hot selling courses on Udemy in your niche?

A. yes. there is a course by Christopher Orth who has a YouTube channel too related to playmaker.

Q. What is the investment you made to create this online course?

A. I didn’t buy the microphone for making the course but it costed around Rs 1400 /- and it took me a week to record the course.

Q.What is your advice to people who want to publish their online course on udemy?

A. My advice to people is if you know you can teach some sort of skill, you just create your online course if you don’t make a lot of money.. it will be a good passive income for you.

Q. Is udemy the best way to sell online courses to make money?

A. There are other platforms but I personally feel Udemy has the most audience. others include skillshare, linkedin learning (this is kind of new), Udacity and Pluralsight which I say you can give a try. I personally have published on Skillshare and it is not as good as Udemy in terms of revenue, but the reach is good.

Publishing a Course on Udemy is not really tough but the tought that udemy takes care of all the Marketing may not be very true, You should know how to market your course.

One more thing you should take care of is to know if there are enough buyers for the topic of your course in Udemy.

Above All Please start, don’t wait. You can create an Online course in less than a month.

Karthik is a Passionate Digital Marketing professional and a Game Developer, he published his course on Udemy and Skillshare. You can check out his blog to know more –