Kannan Patel

Kannan Patel - Social Media Expert

Social media 

Name: Kannan Patel

Marketing Niche: Social Media, Affiliate Marketing & Funnel Building.

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Linkedin profile : Kannan Patel 

About Kannan Patel

I am Kanan Patel, Social Media Practitioner. Along with this I am a affiliate marketer & funnel hacker. Started my journey as social media executive.

Accomplishments / Awards / Rewards

I am an ATD Certified Trainer 

Consulting Charges / hr

 I charge $20 per hour.

Why should anyone hire you?

First I have tested things on my own then I am going to help others. I am focusing on niche only, not for whole market.


What is the advice you want to give to Businesses?

Don't learn from those, who has not do practical work in that field.

Don't teach other unless you did something practical in that field.

Services you Offer

Social Media Marketing for Education Industry and Funnel Building


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