John Bairapaga

Content Marketer 

Name: John Bairapaga

Marketing Niche: SEO & Content Marketing.

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Linkedin profile : Bairapaga John

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About John

Popularly known as Digital John, India’s top blogger in digital Marketing niche. Teaching digital Marketing in Telugu language by Digital Badi Academy.

Trained more than 1000 students by online course. Core Expertise in SEO and Content Marketing

Accomplishments / Awards / Rewards

1. Best Digital Marketing Blogger Award from Feedspot in 2018

2. Recognised as the best Telugu Digital Marketing Voker (Vokal is a Indian  regional question and answer app) 

3. No.1 Telugu Digital Marketing YouTuber (Digital John YouTube channel)

Consulting Charges / hr

 $50 per hour.

Why should anyone hire you?

I am an action taking marketer, I share  from my experiences. 3 years work experience in corporate.

What is the advice you want to give to Businesses?

Start a blog for your business