Gowardhan Doddi

Inbound Marketer 

Name: Gowardhan Doddi

Marketing Niche: Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing & Growth Hacking.

Blog url- www.bloggingmistakes.com

Linkedin profile : Gowardhan Doddi

Facebook profile : Gowardhan Kumar

About Gowardhan Doddi

I am a Mechanical Engineer turned Digital Marketer. I learnt digital Marketing by blogging since 2011. 

I preach and practice Inbound Marketing in my Blogs and job. After passively pursuing digital marketing for 8 years, I have changed my Career to a Fulltime Digital Marketer in 2019. 

Accomplishments / Awards / Rewards

I started a blog on Diabetes and grown it to become India’s no1 community. I could generate revenue of 6 lakhs in 2 years by working passively using Inbound Methodology.

I also work with Digital Vidya as a freelance trainer for Inbound Marketing and Email Marketing.

Consulting Charges / hr

I offer free 30 minutes consultation and there after I charge $50 per hour.

Why should anyone hire you?

I know all aspects of Digital marketing and I also have a keen interest on how a business works. 

I could generate results without spending a lot of money, So ideally I can guide startups on budget with their digital marketing.

So I always focus on the bottomline, i.e the results / revenue. If a person or business consulting me is unhappy I will offer a refund. 

What is the advice you want to give to Businesses?

Digital Marketing is a powerful Marketing medium in which you can measure marketing efforts and results and replan things with in small span of time. 

It is also possible to target the right kind of audience, So my advice will be just start using digital marketing for your business and you will see great results.