Are you a Blogger? 

Are your blogs liked by your Audience?

Do your Blog readers appreciate the information you share with them?

If your answer is yes for all the questions, I think you should create an ebook, I am asking these questions because it is very important that you have some audience before your create a ebook or else it will be very tough to sell the ebook.

In this article I will share my story of ” creating an ebook out of email campaigns and selling more than 500 copies of it” 

Why did I choose to create a ebook?

I have a blog on diabetes, through this blog I am educating and motivating diabetics to reverse diabetes naturally, My blog is around 2 years old by the time I decided to create a eBook, I had a facebook page which was having more than 20,000 followers (this does not help much with sales), I had an email list of around 2000 people (this helps a lot). 

By 2018 I have enough blog readers and also more than 2000 people who read my emails etc. Most of them wanted information to reverse diabetes and I thought I will put the information in 40 steps which will make it easy for anyone to read and implement the steps. The idea is not just about money, its more about helping your Audience with their problem. Money will anyway follow. 

How did I plan to create the eBook?

Creating an ebook looks like a very tough task, And as you all know any big goal which is broken into smaller goals will make it easy to take action. So I thought I will break the contents of the ebook. My ebook’s name is ” 40 Steps to Reverse Diabetes”, So to complete writing this ebook I need to write 40 steps and I have email list to nurture and engage with so I thought I will write 40 emails, one step in each email. 

My plan is ready now.

  1.  Write 40 emails in 100 days, each email has one step.
  2.  Compile all the 40 steps and fine tune it.
  3. Create a ebook cover (I created it using canva and Adazing )
  4. Launch the ebook by announcing it on my email list.

How did I launch my eBook?

Before my ebook is ready, I have announced to my email list that I am going to launch a ebook which will have all essential steps in one place for a reasonable price around 200₹ and readers on my list were excited to get it. So I launched the eBook for a 50% off for a limited time, till I got around first 25 sales and afterwards I fixed the price to 149₹ . 

My Email list helped to get me a lot of sales. 

How did I sell my eBook?

For selling the eBook, I just used my email list a lot, Till date I have sold more than 500 copies of it. I will list below what did I do to sell my eBook.

  1. I sold the ebook at different price points – 149, 199, 249, 6$ (NRI’s) etc. Digital products are sold at different price points that is how you actually profit.
  2. I send emails occasionally to new subscribers to purchase my ebook, I get few sales this way.
  3. I have a automated work flow in my email marketing software Get-response where in after 6 informational emails the 7 email will be about my ebook and again the 15 the email will be about my ebook, so out of people who receive my automated emails few of them purchase my ebook. 

Should you create a ebook? if you ask me this question, I will just say refer to the checklist below and decide it for yourself.

Ebook creation Checklist ?

  1. Is your eBook topic ever green? 
  2. Can you speak on that ebook topic for 30 minutes without any hesitation?
  3. Do you have the passion and knowledge on the subject?
  4. Do you have enough followers?
  5. Do you think your subject has a great demand and very less people are teaching about it?
  6. How willing are your audience to spend on your ebook?
  7. How much time does it take to complete your ebook?
  8. Do you have an email list / do you have the budget to run a facebook ad?

Are you still confused?

Checkout this 10 minute video, I have explained the process in simple steps

Gowardhan Doddi

Growth Hacker / Inbound Marketer.

Gowardhan Doddi is a Mechanical Engineer turned Digital Marketer, He learn digital marketing by blogging since 2011, His passion for marketing made him change his Career from a Power plant QA/QC professional to full time Digital Marketer. He also works with Digital Vidya as a freelance trainer for Inbound Marketing & Email Marketing.