Gowardhan DoddiUnconventional Marketer

I am Gowardhan Doddi, A Mechanical Engineer turned digital marketer, I learnt digital marketing by blogging since 2011, My diabetes blog stood as my marketing lab to learn digital marketing and generate revenue out of it, in 2019 I took U-TURN by changing my career path totally from a QA/QC Manager to a Full-time Digital Marketer by joining a MNC in Hyderabad as a Digital Marketing Manager.  Marketing is my passion, people are my strength and managing is my skill.


Founder of www.healthydietfordiabetics.com, This blog was my marketing lab to learn digital marketing.

I have learnt SEO to rank few articles in 1,2,3 positions on google.

I have learnt social media to grow the facebook page to 29k likes using organic and paid methods since 2014

learnt email marketing to  nurture the leads.

learn conversion optimization to generate more sales.

2019- till date

Joined CommLab India as a Manager Marketing promotions in 2019.

Implemented Inbound Methodology to generate leads and nurture them through email marketing to make them sales ready.

we generate 15-20 inbound leads every week, Average ticket size of the service we offer is 25k USD.

Feb 2020 – Till date

Niche Marketers is a community of Marketers, It is right now a facebook group supported by a blog. 

I am bringing together Marketers with Niche Expertise and doing live sessions and webinars.

With my unique ideas of making the group invite only and also launching a digital magazine kicked things fast and this group is now making ripples in digital marketing industry. 

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Here is my resume, which can do the rest of the talking

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