Rajesh Kumar

I am Rajesh Kumar, I am a Facebook Marketer who helps Ecommerce Businesses to scale-up I have helped a handful of brands achieve their sales targets with Facebook Marketing. I am based in Bangalore but my clients are split across different parts of India.


I have been helping Ecommerce Businesses since the last 2 years and here are few things I have learnt while helping these businesses grow.

  • Figuring out the winning products, I mean the products which sell more while we promote them on facebook.
  • Targeting the Audience accurately so that we dont want to waste our budgets showing ads to people who are in places which we cannot deliver.
  • After achieving the desired cost per lead, being able to scale up with out letting the cost per lead increase.
  • We could even make facebook ads profitable for Ecommerce businesses who sell high ticket products, this was an Ahaa moment for me and the client I have worked with.

see what one of my client said about me

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I prefer to work with clients who are ready to spend atleast 15000₹ on facebook ads every month, we do not work without Advance payment

Our Ideal Clients are Soloprenuers, Small businesses who are already having some online presence.

Connect with me on Linkedin, I keep sharing information on how to grow Ecommerce brands using facebook marketing.

Check out my blog, There is already some interesting information about how to grow a Ecommerce Brand

Request access to my portfolio or achievements, I can share some documents , screenshots etc which prove that whatever I am claiming is true