Scaling up from Freelancer to Agency

by Rajan Soni

I thought running an Agency would be like

But in reality it was like

Running an agency is easy
An Agency can work by itself! Passive Money all day.
Agencies are pretty easy to manage

These were all misconceptions I had before I became an agency owner myself. When I started running an agency I realized it’s not going to be all sunshine and rainbows. I made quite a few mistakes along the way while growing from a freelancer to an agency, which cost me time, money, and sometimes even clients.  

I had built a successful freelancing practice working with top local brands like Hindware, Hager, Force motors, Tata, Govt. of Maharashtra, etc so turning into an agency sounded like an excellent proposition but it was a completely different beast altogether. I had no way of knowing how to deal with many clients at once, how to manage expenses, team, hiring, accounting, sales, marketing, deliveries and many of the other things that come in your way. 

No way I am making a claim that what I am doing now is perfect, far from it. But what I do have now is a framework. A framework that works for me in the way I run my agency. I am now making way less blunders and I have a much greater peace of mind. I don’t have to worry every morning about what I am going to do today. How will I get new clients, how will I deliver some large project, etc etc.

I believe the framework will work for you too

In the workshop I will help you understand the core principles of running a business and then mold these principles to apply to an agency business. We will cover everything from pre-requisites to branding, website to messaging, sales to closure and even what to do post work delivery.

**Course outline**



1. General

  • Choosing the right business model for you
  • Low cost high volume or high cost low volume?
  • DIY, DWY, D4Y [ Value Ladder]
  • How many clients do you really need?
  • Working in your business v/s Working on your business.
  • It does not happen overnight

2. Pre-requisites

  • Choosing the right workspace for you – Office, Remote, Hybrid
  • Choosing the right Logo, Branding, Messaging & Positioning
  • Choosing the right domain
  • How to pick your niche
  • Choosing a target location:
  • Registering the company [Proprietorship,Pvt Ltd, LLP etc] : Not legal advice
  • You need to spend money to make money
  • Outsourcing imp but not urgent tasks – accounting/invoicing

3. Marketing and Sales

  • Creating your differentiation Statement
  • Cost
  • Time
  • Quality
  • Niche
  • Defining your ICP & refining it
  • Who
  • Where
  • What
  • When
  • How
  • How to create and Present your Portfolio
  • Finding the right sales channel
  • Targeting the right clients
  • How to partner with other agencies


1. Closing Clients

  • Price Negotiations the right way
  • Contracts
  • Payment schedule
  • deliverables
  • revisions
  • additionals
  • limitations
  • termination
  • Strategic Pricing
  • HOW TO PRICE your services
  • Output based pricing
  • Hourly pricing
  • Types of Clients & How to deal with them
  • Vampires
  • Zombies
  • Humans

2. Work Delivery

  • PERFECTING your process for client delivery
  • How to Hiring a team:
  • Good people not cheap
  • Less people not more
  • Objective of business is Profitability not growth
  • Hire only billable people

2. Post Delivery

  • How to up sell/cross sell
  • Recurring revenue is king, repeat clients are great but CAUTION!
  • Making the hard choices

SESSION -3 , Exhaustive Q&A Session

pre-requisites to participate

– Having done at least 1 project as a freelancer

– Fundamental understanding of demand and supply

– Have an action bias and a growth mindset towards life and career


Rs. 999 per head for the first cohort.

The first cohort is going to be just 15 people, with a lot of personal face-time and doubts sessions. It will change from the next cohort. The next cohort will be priced at least 30% more and will have at least double the number of attendees for it to make financial sense for me.

Rajan Soni

Founder - Komet Media

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