Shankar Nirmal

Niche: Content Marketing


I am a content marketer and consultant in the finance/fintech niche

I work mainly with clients in the Finance niche and fintech micro-niche. Currently, I am working with a stock market educator who has digital products teaching investors how to invest in the equity market. I write blog articles and also do keyword research for the articles I write.

These articles are typically 1500 words or sometimes longer. Besides writing, I also do consultations on the marketing part of the business. I focus on blind spots where customers could be hiding in plain sight. This helps the client to make sales from new areas. For instance, some of the ideas could be as simple as adding a Thank You page once a lead sign's up.

While another suggestion I gave to a client is to redesign the homepage to an upside-down format with a single clear CTA at the top. My USP is trying to understand the client's business and identify sweet spots where the client can easily make sales. Otherwise, they are leaving the money on the table which is theirs to take, ethically. I am also exploring other areas such as how content writers can leverage the power of AI. I feel this will help me to scale my writing work. I am also exploring creating templates for freelancers that they can use effectively and save time in their client work.

Worked with

Few Fintech Clients I cannot disclose.