Sagar Mondal


Niche: Linkedin Marketing / B2B Marketing / Marketing Automation


At the age of 10, I started my entrepreneurial journey with a lot of dreams in my eyes. 🧒 I was re-selling video game CDs to my school friends to earn some extra pocket money.

From relying on parent's pocket money to making 3,000 a month. I faced lots of difficulties but gained a new perspective as well. But, the journey had just started and I had a long way to go.

👣 Then gradually I got interested in Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking and started freelancing in my 10th standard. After so many years of side hustle, in February 2017, I started my own company named SquashCode and build that amazing team which acquired 192+ clients across the Globe in the next few years.

⏳ We made Applications, Sale funnels, Social media strategy, Marketing automation strategies which helped our clients to increase their turnover 8x time in just a span of 6 months. I believe that you should sell your story not a product and build a brand not a company. So, in my free time I guide aspiring entrepreneurs how storytelling works & how digital marketing can convey that story to their target audience. 🎯

Worked with

I have worked with brands like Panasonic, Pluxa Apartments, Bhawani Group, Engage, P&A Group, Taychi Properties, KYT Properties, JIS University and many other solopreneurs & coaches.

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