Rafiqul Islam

Niche: Content Marketer / Blogger


Hello, I am Rafiqul, a blogger turned into a content marketing practitioner. My journey in content marketing started back in 2017 when I was sharing all of my engineering learning through my blog.

I just cannot describe how amazing the feeling was. I was amazed by getting engagement from all over the world just because of my blog.
A year after I started blogging on a free platform, I decided to learn more and more about online marketing. And I started to focus on learning, applying in my own blog and sharing it through my blog.

Though I found digital marketing as an amazing way of generating leads, building relations, and much more, I was totally amazed by the concept of content marketing.

The concept of selling without trying to sell made me a true believer in content marketing. (I can argue with anyone about the potential of content marketing😎)

From 2018 to 2020, I have learned various concepts, strategies, and fundamentals of attracting new leads through content marketing.

Even I am still in a learning phase. (I would love to learn forever about content marketing❤️)

Currently, I am only focusing on serving business owners and entrepreneurs by planning content and leveraging content marketing strategies.

Publications / Awards / Mentions

I was mentioned in the NicheMarketers Community and Online Resources present slide community for my work on content marketing, Even pro bloggers mentioned me for a blog I published on Sparktoro.

Here is what people say about me

" I really appreciate Rafiqul's effort and these type of content is valuable to the audience, unique and helpful content"

Sujata - Digital Marketer

Rafiqul is setting a benchmark for content marketers out there, thank you so much for doing this- keep going

Biswajeeta Rath, Community Enthusiast and Co-Editor for Hashtagmag, India's only Digital Marketing Magazine

Hey Rafiqul, I really got a lot of value from your content, I subscribed to your Youtube Channel as well, Good start, I wish you keep growing. Waiting for more content from you

Veeranjaneya Murthy, Software Developer at Myntra


Qualifications / Certifications

B. Tech, Civil Engineering - 2019

Certified Hubspot Agency Partner

Certified Content Marketer by SEMRUSH


Worked with

worked with some Indian and International clients for

  • Content Marketing projects
  • Web design projects.
  • Landing page concept, design and copy etc.

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