Akathma Devi

Company: RubhuSocial

Niche: Social Media Marketing / Chatbot Marketing


Hi, I am Akathma Devi and you can call me AD, Are you spending 10 hours a week on social media trying to market your business and not finding quality results?

Are you reading every new article on marketing, listening to podcasts, watching experts recommendations and feeling overwhelmed on what to do next? I CAN HELP

I understand what you are going through. With so many online marketing venues, reading so many articles and experts suggestions on what to do and what not do, it is so obvious to get confused on what should be done to get results.

What Exactly I Do?

I coach: I coach you and your team to be able to handle your own marketing. I do one on one and group sessions as well. Both offline and online. You might be a startup or a company in the growth stage, or a digital marketer who want to learn a few advanced topics, I customize accordingly.

Social Media Management: I take up social media management from busy business owners and help them focus on other jobs of their business. I take the complete responsibility of goal setting, connecting the intangible analytics to tangible goals, identifying the target audience, content marketing, analyze, restrategize, and show the results.

WordPress Websites: I build WordPress websites. I believe a website shouldn't just be a display of information. It is to Attract, Convince, and Convert your audience into your customers. It is a combination of Content, Images, Design, and Technology. In that order.

Qualifications / Certifications

B.TECH, Computer Science - JNTU.

Worked with

RubhuSocial - Founder (Coaching Small Business Owners, Building WordPress websites and Chatbots )

IBM- Social Business Manager

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