Abhishek Goklani

Company: Brandguru

Niche: Graphics and Video / Content Marketing


Every brand has stories to tell and connect with their target audience—stories that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience, but that will also deliver on measurable business goals.

For the same, I am the conduit between brand and consumer. I help clients find the subject and medium that best fits their unique identity, and then I produce high-quality content that meets their objectives in the form of premium videos and graphic designs.

Currently, I am working as a Branding Consultant at my own agency Brand Guru Online where I’ve collaborated with companies of multifacet domains like Hospitality, Health, Education, Travel, Products, and many other categories from across the globe.

I have a team of Adobe-certified graphic designers and video editors who work only on the premium and graphic dedicated platforms to create industry-standard designs to make a brand stand out from the crowd.

My specialties include Content Creation - Premium Graphics and Videos, Brand awareness, and Managing omnichannel marketing campaigns to generate desired leads and results as defined by the client.

Services: * Premium Graphic Designing Premium Video Intro * Logo Designing * Poster, Brochure, Mock-Up Designing * 3D Mock-Up Videos * Social Media Content Planning, Designing, and Management - check out more

Worked with

Logo Designing : 70+ Clients

Video Ads : 55+ Clients

Social Media Management : 100+ clients

Website Designing : 20+ clients for almost every segment of industry.




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