If you are a Owner of a Spa Chain, or in a Health industry or running a wellness centre and wondering how digital marketing can help you grow your business? My Short answer is digital marketing has the potential to grow your business manifold and increase your revenue. But In this article I am exactly going to discuss about how to use email marketing to get repeat sales from existing customers?

Why should Businesses focus on selling to existing customers is.

Success rate of selling to an existing customer is 50-70%, while the success rate of selling to to a new customer is 5-20%.  there are many more important things you can learn why retention marketing is better than customer acquisition marketing

To explain how can we generate repeat sales from existing customers using email marketing, I will take 3 Specific examples.

1. O2 Spas ( O2 Spas is a Spa chain in India with presence is 24 cities)

2. VLCC Wellness ( VLCC is into wellness industry and operates in 9 countries and have branches all over India)

3. Thyrocare ( Thyrocare comes into healthcare and operates in more than 2000 cities in India)

Health, wellness and Spas all these Businesses have one-thing in common that is Old Customers come back again and again.

Using email marketing it is very much possible to double the number of people who come again to buy something or avail a service.

Email Marketing for Spas

For our example we have O2 Spas, if we observe O2 Spas webpage we can understand that they already have a Membership Program and Loyalty program etc which means they want to encourage repeat visits and there is scope. in-fact Beauty industry generates a lot of revenue with help of memberships, you can see benefits of Beauty Subscription business model

spa website screenshot

It is obvious that every Spa owner would love to have more memberships and repeat customers, But we all know that selling a Membership are making the customer to come back again is not an easy task and it will depend on the following factors.

  1. Quality of Service you provide.
  2. Value for money spent.
  3. Customer care / Response
  4. Being able to get their permission to market to them.

First 3 points are obvious and any business who want repeat customers have to do first three things rightly. Even though you do all three things mentioned you should get the permission of the customer to be able to market to himself and making him to purchase more or come back to avail a service. 

For example Let us say a Customer named Rita avails Deep Tissue Massage which is meant for relieving stress and strain. Rita was happy with the service and from the feedback form it was understood that Rita is a Working professional holding a senior position in a MNC. 

Now what should be done?

Ensure that your form captures the email address of Rita and also inform her she will receive offers, discounts on her email. By informing her and having a dialogue with her she will be more receptive to your emails. then how should your first email look like?

One best thing should be giving her some 20-30% off on her next visit and also give here some cards/ vouchers to refer a friend (if the friend visits her with her next time offering additional discount of 10%) 

But when all this can happen with physical vouchers why should we think about email marketing  / social media etc?

It is important because Rita may go home from parlour and may not meet her friends physically but it is easy for her to passover the digital vouchers through email / whatsapp / social media.  

Let us say you entered Rita’s email address in your database and added her to Massage list and send her a welcome mail thanking her and offering digital vouchers to refer her friends and also asking her to like your facebook page to relieve updates. Also schedule  1 email a week sharing useful tips to overcome stress and send and email exactly 1 month from now calling her back “its time to relieve your muscles and mind from Stress and Strain” Get Your Deep tissue massage at 30% off offer valid for you only for 7 more days.

See by doing this you are able to have a conversation and build a genuine connection with your customer. One more advantage is if you are a Spa and if you also run a blog you can share your new articles via email and you may also post other customers testimonials on various services which will again help in letting Rita know about other services O2 Spas offers and reinforces positive brand image about O2 Spas.