We all know how real estate marketing is done, mostly we see so many agents trying to physically approach the prospects, I have seen many in Metro Stations, Rythu Bazaars ( Vegetable Markets) and even at some crowded restaurants.

But everyone should understand now people are more busy and do not like anyone to interrupt in between their busy lives, Not just with real estate we all know people who sell credit cards try to call us without permission and we don’t like it. 

But what is the way out, If you are real estate agent you would have tried different ways to sell plots, flats and houses etc. But in this post I am giving you a digital marketing strategy with which you can create your personal branding as a real estate influencer and sell with authority.

Digital Marketing Strategy to become a Real Estate Influencer

Target Customer

Firstly Create your Buyer Persona /s, Buyer persona means a person who is likely to buy what you have to sell, Your Buyer Persona should include Age, gender, profession, likes, challenges, influencers, buying capacity. You should also consider the people who influence buying decision.

For example: Let us assume you you want to sell a Flat which costs 70 lakhs near to a IT Hub, So your target buyer persona is a software engineer who earns more than 1.5 lakh per month, Now you may think that software engineer is the only person whom you should target, but in many cases he might not be interested But their partners / wife may be the person you should target.


Vastu Consultants

Vaastu Consultants can influence and can have potential clients, if you are in touch with them it can help you. Many people consult Vastu Consultants before they purchase a house, If you talk to this Vaastu Consultants and ask them place your property booklets on their table or in a showcase, someone may turn up You can even offer some commission to the Vastu consultants for referring people to you.

Event Organizers / Managers

Event Organizers/ Managers organize events in Hotels. These people have a lot of details about people who visited a real estate event which was conducted by him. talk to those guys, you can also go to linkedin and start connecting to event managers in your target area.

Cab Drivers

Cab drivers who are hired by real estate agencies. Cab drivers are really a great resource these guys have lot of attention of  the people who travel with them, but you should be careful on how to get some mileage out of them because these guys may be permanent employees of a real estate firm. My suggestion is to better findout cab drivers who occasionally go on hire with real estate companies and partner with them.


People/ agencies who manage websites of real estate companies: Again with caution you need to do this, they can give your email addresses and contact details of people who purchased a property or did not purchase the property, cold emailing them may help.

Friends / Colleagues

Look for friends/ connections to affiliate for you. Tell them to connect anyone looking for a property and offer them 1-2% commission based on what you get. 


Start a Youtube Channel

You can start you tube channel in which you can guide people about how to search for a good property, how to get a home loan, How to talk with the builder about accessories which need to be fit. By educating your Audience you will become the Go-to-Guy for property related advice and you can sell them.

Answer Questions on Quora 

There are many people searching on Quora for investment in property especially NRI’s, provide helpful answers on Quora someone might get in touch with you to buy a property from you..

Join Facebook Groups 

Action Steps 

  1. Create a facebook group.
  2. Join facebook groups where your buyer persona is likely there.
  3. Answer Questions on Quora, there are many NRI’s asking questions on Quora about real estate.
  4. Create awareness videos on youtube regarding real estate options in Bangalore / Karnataka / India.
  5. Give Market value evaluation service for free.
  6. Do webinars on property investment.

Paid Advertising 

  1. Quora Ads.
  2. Running Google Local ads can give good results with low cost.
  3. Shopping ads can be successful.
  4. Youtube / Facebook ads.


Tools Required

  1. Camera and a Microphone to shoot videos.
  2. Email Marketing Software like Getresponse.
  3. Canva to create some easy graphics.
  4. Free webinar and conferencing tool like Zoom.
  5. Google forms to create a form.

Gowardhan Doddi

Growth Hacker / Inbound Marketer.

Gowardhan Doddi is a Mechanical Engineer turned Digital Marketer, He learn digital marketing by blogging since 2011, His passion for marketing made him change his Career from a Power plant QA/QC professional to full time Digital Marketer. He also works with Digital Vidya as a freelance trainer for Inbound Marketing & Email Marketing.