personal branding for Marketers

As Marketers we are good with making our client’s digital presence better, but we ignore our own digital presence. I have seen many agencies who earn over 10 Lakh INR / month do not have a functional website.

Most of us ignore our personal branding because we are just busy managing existing clients or searching for new clients. And then we bombard the social media when we don’t have enough projects in hand. Instead, why don’t we allocate fixed no of hrs every week for personal branding?

I know some marketers who focus on personal branding well, as a result they get leads and also they get to command a better price. One interesting example I can share with you is Anmol Garg. He is a Sales Specialist but also into Standup comedy so he used his stand up comedy side to build his personal brand.

What gets attention on Social media is the personal side of us, as we all know that the professional side of us is never so interesting or appealing to a larger Audience, So it is always a smart choice to talk about personal lives on Social media to get social media love and build a personal brand faster.

Like Anmol Garg we all must be having 2 -3 sides of us which can be interesting,  for example

You may be a Foodie and a Marketer. You talking about Food or various restaurants etc can be interesting, which will get more attention and if you occasionally talk about your expertise with advertising, you still get that advantage.

Take my case, I have 4 aspects of me which others might be interested

  • My journey with diabetes.
  • My Mid career crisis.
  • My Marketing knowledge.
  • Community building.
  • ¬†Creativity.
So after a long struggle I realised I will talk / write on most of these topics and I just don’t need to talk about marketing to build my personal brand.

to get started I believe you should talk / write or shoot a video about whatever you feel like telling the world don’t worry if it fits into your core topics or content buckets, just get started.

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