Why Online Coaching course is better than an online course?

Firstly let me make it clear, this is not about creating online course, In this article I will talk about creating online coaching course which can help your students implement things with your support and community support to achieve their goals.

What is the Difference between Online Course & Online Coaching Course?

In an Online course you generally provide the participant with all the information required to achieve their goal like video content, worksheets, templates etc and leave implementation to the Participant. But in Online coaching course along with Content and information you offer them group support, So you are available in person to all of them for a limited time and motivate them and guide them in implementation.

How did this idea start?

I was helping diabetics to reverse diabetes by providing information through my blogs and email newsletters and also through my whatsapp group. But what I understood was many of them who want to reverse diabetes do not need more information they actually needed more motivation, handholding guidance and peer support.

This led me to think otherwise and then the idea of creating the “8Weeks Diabetes Challenge” popped up in my mind, and then I thought of creating a program in which the participants should able to participate so that they get benefitted. 

Core idea is to make the people implement immediately what is learnt – not just learn and feel good. Then the idea of 40 Tasks in 8 Weeks came to my mind. So I named it as 8 Weeks Diabetes challenge. 

You can see in the below image, how did I position the challenge, So it is not a online course- Its like a Online Coaching Course.

Advantage of doing this is participants are very much engaged and see better results where as in an online course participants generally delay the implementation part. Coming to the revenue potential of this model, I can tell you the following things.

  • I started this Challenge 2 years ago and conducted around 8 batches and on an average I used to have 50 students to the challenge, I used to sell the access at different price points like 349₹, 499₹, 10$ etc and one more thing is there are few items which were required for this challenge, So I had a list of things required for this challenge page which re-directs to Amazon so I used to get some affiliate revenue.
  • Surprisingly there used to be participants who participated again and again, I have seen some participants participating  even 4 times in the total 10 times, so thats like recurring revenue model.

Course Registrations

There is a registration fee to participate in the challenge, so revenue comes through course registrations.

Amazon Affiliate revenue

In-order to participate in the challenge there are few items required. my website page listed all these items and there were amazon affiliate links

 Personal consultations

Interestingly some participants wanted to participate again  that lead to increase in recurring revenue and few of them contacted for personal consultations

Online Coaching course model is best For Coaches, Speakers & Trainers

This model can help Coaches, Speakers and Trainers create a Online Coaching course which can help your students achieve their goals all through online mode which means there are more students to reach out to and definitely some of them want to get personal consultation from you. 

ONLINE COACHING COURSE = Revenue from Courses + Personal Consultations + Increased Personal Branding

By having a online course you can 3X your revenue.

But most of you may think creating an online course is really a tough thing and you may be confused about where to start and what to do. I am putting up a guide on how to create an online course including all the topics as mentioned below. 

How to create an Online course.

Tools needed to create an Online course.

How to Sell your Online course.

How to be in touch with your online course participants.

Please write your questions / doubts on the subject, I will be glad to answer your questions

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