Can Bloggers make money by selling eBooks? see how I made more than 1 lakh rupees selling an eBook

I launched my diabetes blog in 2014 and initially I did not focus on generating any revenue, my focus was just to provide useful content which can help others in reversing diabetes. 

Later on I started to monetize my blog with google adsense and Amazon Affiliates and I did not see good enough money and I started thinking of different ways to earn money by blogging, then my research proved that for any blog to earn lot of money we should have our own products to sell.

But I am just a blogger and not a business, So how can I sell my own products was the question, But products can be digital and Marketing Gurus like Anik Singal were referring to Information products like eBooks and Online Courses.

So I decided to create an eBook about how to reverse diabetes, Initially thought of creating an eBook looked like climbing a mountain to me, but as you know every single step counts. name of my book was “40 steps to reverse diabetes ” and know my task of writing the ebook became easy because I just have to write 40 steps.

In this time I was also sending email campaigns to help my audience, So I thought I will write 40 steps in 40 emails. So I could create an eBook out of email campaigns and sold more than 500 copies of it. 

So I managed to complete my eBook within 3 months of time and launched it on my website. As I already have good traffic (1000 page views / day ), Social Media followers (29 k page likes ) and most importantly above 2000 Email Subscribers it helped me sell the eBook. 

I started selling the eBook at 149₹ and Initially I used to have 10-20 sales per day and till date I have sold more than 500 copies. I sold this eBook at different price points 149, 199, 249 and 8$ (NRI’s ) 

So this eBook gave me a revenue of more than 1 Lakh rupees in 1 year. I know it is not so huge amount, but I also got some clients who consulted me after reading this eBook and some even purchased the online course. 

ebook earnings

If you are creating an eBook on a topic like stock market or startups etc you may charge more, but one thing you should always keep in mind is people who know you (brand awareness) are more likely to buy a book. if you are a bigger brand you can sell your eBook at higher price. 

For example You can see eBooks launched by some of the influencers in dIgital marketing industry.

The Handbook of Affiliate Marketing by Harsh Agarwal- 29.99$

Keyword Research Made easy  by Anil Agarwal – 499₹

Backlinks Mastery Guide by Himanshu Sharma – 149₹

So you can see the prices are varying depending on the Popularity of the Author, So if you are a beginner with less following, I suggest you to keep the pricing low. 

Harsh Agarwal has been in this field since 2009 and Anil Agarwal is also an early player he is into blogging since 2010.

Himanshu is blogging since 2013 and he decided to price his eBook at lower cost because he was focussed on beginners and he wanted it to reach many people without them worrying about the price. He sold 200 copies from his blog, Facebook group and facebook ads with in a short span of time.

It is possible for anyone with expertise in a specific thing to write and publish a eBook and earn money from it.

Gowardhan Doddi

Growth Hacker / Inbound Marketer.

Gowardhan Doddi is a Mechanical Engineer turned Digital Marketer, He learn digital marketing by blogging since 2011, His passion for marketing made him change his Career from a Power plant QA/QC professional to full time Digital Marketer. .

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