how to select a digital marketing agency?

How to Select a Digital Marketing Agency?

selecting a digital marketing agency

As a Business Owner you might be puzzled about selecting a digital marketing agency which is a right fit for you, because the options are plenty. yes there are many digital marketing agencies out there who claim to be experts in digital marketing. but the reality is many of them are newbies who do not even have proper marketing knowledge or business knowledge with very less experience. but we are here to guide you lets uncover the process to select the right agency for you. 

Firstly before you even think of getting a digital marketing agency onboard, first let us answer few questions which will make our job easy.

Come let us answer the following questions

Once you figure out the things mentioned above, we can go to the next step to understand whom to select as your digital marketing agency? 

Different types of options you have

If you have marketing budgets over 1lakh inr / month and have multiple things to be done, I mean if your marketing needs multiple expertise and when you are experimenting and not having very good with marketing expertise inhouse then going for established digital marketing agencies can be the right thing to do.

If you are a small business which is trying digital marketing from some time and want to up your marketing game with a decent budgets like 50k- 1lakh inr/ month with some good inputs from the agency also then go for a small agency. 

If you are a business who is clear about what is good for you, like you have already figured out facebook ads is good for your business and you want someone to execute it than going for a Lean DM Agencies can be the right thing to do, these lean agencies charge anywhere between 25000 – 50,000 INR.

If you want a certain aspect of your marketing to be outsourced to someone while you have expertise of marketing in house, going for a freelancer can be good. 

  • for example you guys are already doing facebook ads but are not aware of email marketing then you can choose a freelancer who can do email marketing. 
  • one more use case can be getting on off projects done, like designing a landing page or getting copy written for landing page. 

Hope this article gave you some insights about selecting the right digital marketing agency

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