[2020] Google Ads And everyday Automation

Back in the day, when Google was the only platform advertisers resorted to, it made sense to check the ad account each day or even a couple of times a day, analyse each keyword / ad and make decisions whether to retain them or let them go.

With the increasing scope of Digital Marketing platforms and with an increase in the amount of advertising done, it became impossible to do that.

These activities could range from retaining optimum keywords and getting rid of the others, increase / decrease the bids based upon conversions, let go of the ads which were not performing as desired, retaining high converting keywords and adding a bid cushion for them to have more breathing space to perform even better.

Today, the platforms have made a lot of arrangements with the help of Machine Learning and AI to help us make smarter decisions and to automate some of these tasks from the interface itself.

This is evident with things like automated bidding, smart campaigns, automated rules etc. However, that’s not all.

Things could be tweaked or customized more to eliminate redundant tasks even more, by spending time on what actually matters. Basically, invest time and effort where it is absolutely needed.

Google Ads Automation can be broadly classified into 2 categories.

  1. In Account Automation
  2. ii) Automation using external sources

In Account Automation

In the recent past, Google made quite a few changes to the interface and also added quite a few features that let you automate from the interface level.

  1. Automated Bidding
  2. Smart Campaigns
  3. Responsive Display Ads
  4. Enhanced CPC
  5. Overview tab
  6. Automated Analysis
  7. Negative Keyword suggestions
  8. Auto Keywords suggestions
  9. Auto Ad Analysis
  10. Auto Ad suggestions with responsive Search Ads
  11. Optimization Score and others.

A few more ( Have always been there)

  1. Dimensions tab (Now Called ‘Reporting’)
  2. Keyword Insertion
  3. Dynamic Ads
  4. Google Sheets & Google Ads Integration

Automation outside the interface

This is an advanced level of Google Ads Automation tasks. 

  1. i) Using URL Trackers
  2. ii) Using Google Ads Scripts.

Having a system set-up where you can leverage all these things and customising this according to what suits your customers best, would work wonders

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