Anmol Duggal  

Email Marketing 

Name: Anmol Duggal

Marketing Niche: Email Marketing, Copy writing & FB Ads

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About Anmol

​I am a Digital Marketer with a 4 year experience in various streams of DM including Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Paid Ads(FB, Google, Bing), Content Writing, Web Analytics, WordPress and a lot of other skills that come handy in practicing Digital Marketing on a whole.

Accomplishments / Awards / Rewards

Have trained 750+ students in my career in Digital Marketing.

Have spoken on stage in various events related to Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Am a Marketo Certified Expert along with 11 Marketo Specialisations.

Consulting Charges / hr

 I charge $40 per hour.

Why should anyone hire you?

I help clients build their business instead of being the business.

Having built scalable and reliable systems for my clients, I have got my hands dirty doing everything from the ground up to build automated businesses online that helps the client run business systems automatically without having to be a prisoner of the business itself. 

I always focus on getting positive results from my clients by consulting, planning, strategising, training and implementing everything that needs to be done in order to achieve the client’s goals.


What is the advice you want to give to Businesses?

Focus on building automations in your business so that you could do your actual high value thing in business instead of having to do mundane repetitive stuff which can easily be delegated.

Services you Offer

Email Marketing – Campaign Creations, Automated Workflows, Lead Management, Reporting

Copywriting – Ads, Landing Pages, Emails

Paid Ads – Facebook, Google, Bing

WordPress Website Development

Content Marketing