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Email Marketing Basics for Solopreneurs

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About this course

As a Soloprenuer you might be able to influence many people with your writing, speaking, coaching etc, But all these people who think you can be a person who can play a significant role in their life now or later may come across you few times, on your blog, social media, youtube or at an event and forget about you.

 But is there a way to remind them that you exist without bothering them with your sales pitches. Yes, it is possible by building a connection which can last a lifetime and your followers becoming your customers and even advocates of you and the services you provide.

In this course, we are going to learn these things.

  • What is Email Marketing?
  • Why Email Marketing?
  • Different Email Marketing Tools.
  • How does an Email Marketing platform work?
  • Different Ways to Collect Email Addresses.
  • Communicating with your followers.

Course Structure

2 Lessons

What is Email Marketing

  1. Is it about emailing lakhs of unknown people?
  2. Is it about selling products by marketing them through email?
  3. Is it about building a lasting relationship with prospects?
  4. Is it about keeping in touch with your customers?
  5. Is it about sending emails based on the behaviour of your customers?
  6. Is it about sending emails in a personalized way?

Is it about emailing lakhs of unknown people?

It is not about emailing lakhs of unknown people, Emailing unknown people works in certain scenarios especially in b2b cases and while emailing after studying a lot about that individual client and crafting a personlized message. I mean to say cold emailing still works if it is done in a personalized manner.


Is it about selling products by marketing them through email?

Email Marketing is also about selling products by sending marketing emails to existing customers. like we know how Amazon and Flipkart does this, once we are their customers they send us emails informing us about their products. likewise, if you are a beauty parlour you can also send customers emails asking them to come back for a facial / waxing etc. So it is possible to do this with your existing customers and not new customers

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