Email Marketing for businesses, Exclusive guide.


With the increase in the number of social media platforms, businesses around the world are seeking them out to effectively: 🗣 Communicate with their customers… ❓ Answer their queries… ✅ Provide them value… 🎮 Entertain them with content… 💸 Offer them discounts and coupons… 💼 Pitch their services, etc. Every new social media platform being …

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Swaroop Tutika Paid Ads Expert

Paid ads expert Bangalore

Swaroop Tutika Paid Ads Name: Swaroop TutikaMarketing Niche: Paid ads, Social media marketing, Marketing strategy.Blog url- noneLinkedin profile : Swaroop Tutika ​ About Swaroop  I’m Swaroop working with Hotelogix as a Digital marketing analyst and total 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Major contribution in Digital Marketing – Social Media, Lead Generation, Product launching, Google analytics, Paid campaigns, …

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Anmol Duggal Email Marketing expert

Email marketing expert jammu

Anmol Duggal   Email Marketing  Name: Anmol DuggalMarketing Niche: Email Marketing, Copy writing & FB AdsBlog url- noneLinkedin profile : Anmol Duggal  ​ About Anmol​I am a Digital Marketer with a 4 year experience in various streams of DM including Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Paid Ads(FB, Google, Bing), Content Writing, Web Analytics, WordPress and …

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Kannan Patel

social media expert ahmedabad

Kannan Patel – Social Media Expert Social media  Name: Kannan Patel Marketing Niche: Social Media, Affiliate Marketing & Funnel Building.Blog url- noneLinkedin profile : Kannan Patel ​ About Kannan PatelI am Kanan Patel, Social Media Practitioner. Along with this I am a affiliate marketer & funnel hacker. Started my journey as social media executive. Accomplishments / Awards / RewardsI …

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Karthik’s experience of publishing an Online course on Udemy

After publishing a series on how to make an Endless runner with Unity & Playmaker, the views on my YouTube channel amplified. I got more engagement through comments and likes. I started earning a bit more. After my earnings reached around 28.5$ YouTube announced a change in it’s monetization policy! And BAM!! My YouTube earnings …

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