1break Live Streaming Platform Review

1break is a live streaming platform which can be used to go live at a time on multiple social media platforms like facebook and youtube, You can also go live at once on 4 facebook groups and 4 youtube channels, If you are trying influencer marketing or a Ecommerce company who want to collaborate with facebook groups or youtube influencers then you can go live at once on all the platforms.

  • Ecommerce Businesses

    Ecommerce Businesses who want to go live on various facebook pages / groups / youtube channels can use this.

  • Soloprenuers

    Soloprenuers like Coaches and Speakers can use this to go live on multiple facebook groups or youtube channels at a time.

  • Stream your Zoom Meetings

    You can stream your Zoom meetings to facebook pages, groups and youtube channels.

  • Community Admin

    You are someone who is managing more than 1 facebook group and want to deliver a talk or a video message through a live session at a time

Above are some of the use cases I could think of, There can be many more use cases.

What does 1break offer?

Right now 1break supports streaming to only two platforms facebook and Youtube.

You can go live at a time on your facebook profile, facebook page, facebook group and your youtube channel.

At this point of time 1break gives you the power to stream your live session to 8 destinations.

for example if you stream your live session to - facebook group, facebook page and youtube channel, you are streaming to 3 destinations.



Recording of the live sessions will be available, so that you can download the recordings later. 

they are providing storage of 10GB to 30GB depending on your plan


  • 8 Destinations

    You can live stream to 8 destinations in the advanced plan and 4 destinations in the basic plan which is more than what stream yard gives in their basic plan.

  • 2 platforms

    Supports 2 most extensively used platforms facebook and youtube

  • stream through rtmp

    streaming through rtmp is possible you can use zoom, obs or any other custom service

  • pricing

    Right now available on a Life Time Deal, Pro plan costs 99$ which supports 2 platforms and 4 destinations.


  • only 2 platforms

    platfroms like linkedin and twitch are not available.

  • commenting

    Comments are not visible on 1 break and you cannot manage comments from 1break.

  • Participants

    Only 4 Onscreen participants allowed in Pro plan, however with a higher plan you can have 8 participants

When we compare the pros and cons, 1 break seems like a winner but not for everyone.

if you want to stream to linkedin and other platforms 1break cannot solve your purpose and one more thing is if you want to manage comments through the streaming platform right now it is not possible.

though 1 break guys are having this in Roadmap, it may take some time.

Pricing is what makes it a steal because you are going to get this on LTD for 99$

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